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If you do then your at the right place. At Virtual Space International, we love what we do and among the most important tools you need to build your successful on-line business is the right partners who should be very good in their field. Most importantly: are they willing to help you succeed? Do they want to take the time to direct you and to support you with the details of your plan?

A good web hosting partner with know-how is key to your success, without, your on-line business will NOT fly well. At Virtual Space International we are dedicated to help you succeed, give us a try today!

Using your own domain names combined with an Off-Shore web hosting plan all with an easy to use all-in-one control panel in the language of your choice is what you get here.

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Only YOU know what the real answers are BUT here are our distinguishing features you might be interested in when selecting your next partner:

  1. Off-shore company since 2001 with strong privacy and we do take Bitcoins for payments
  2. One stop control panel, only one login to manage everything (WHMCS, Cpanel etc.)
  3. Small is beautiful, we like to know our customers by name and keep them happy for life
  4. Team with long track record at this business, 24h support available.
  5. All the same technical features you might dream of and more under one login
  6. Will facilitate contact with private bankers for traditional off-shore banking if required*
  7. Can setup web hosting account in Canada or Switzerland
  8. Get 100% refund if not happy with your web hosting service within 30 days.

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