All accounts allow reselling. Reselling is therefore free.
You can escape the harsh winters and work from anywhere as long as you can get an Internet connexion!

Resellers are paid 50% commission based on the monthly sales volume of their clients. The clients have full control over their affairs and you don’t have to invoice any of them.

Rebillers are independent organizations or individuals. They are considered as end users or final customers of VSI. They can and should label their site with their own logos, terms & conditions*, merchant accounts and domain registrars. With complete automation, this is the perfect business opportunity.

Rebillers responsibilities
As a rebiller, you are responsible for your own business. You should read the reseller guide in order to build your offers (packages of products and services). You could also use our products with your own markup. The feature’s list is long and possibilities endless.

Commission statements:
All invoicing is detailed and accessible to all parties in their web based account
As a reseller you get paid by PayPal or Crypto Currencies

*VSI’s terms & conditions may be used, but if you use your own, we have to review it first, same thing for any custom promotional material you might be using that uses VSI’s trademarks